About Matt Sohmer

At a young age of only four years old, Matt started as an athlete and continues to be an athlete.  He was raised in Farmingdale, New York. He excelled and played in multiple sports including baseball, football, skiing, and track & field. In baseball Matt excelled at multiple positions and was selected to play for top travel teams on Long Island. He also was one of the few lefties to excel at shortstop. However, football took precedent. Matt focused on playing and training solely for football. He was a dominant nose tackle, defensive tackle, and a great punter. After a successful high school football career, he was given multiple offers from Division I, II, and III schools. He was fortunate enough to start as a freshman in college before a second knee injury ended his career. Matt sustained two serious knee injuries during his career. The first injury was during his junior year of high school, which is where he tore his right meniscus, causing him to miss the last few games because of surgery. The second injury was during his senior year of high school. This is when he completely tore his left ACL and partially tore his MCL, PCL and meniscus when a player fell head-first into his knee. However, unlike his junior year, Matt never got the surgery. He continued to play football  for the rest of his senior season. Matt did not go to rehab for the injury; instead, he did his own rehab in the offseason to get ready for college ball. Unfortunately, during one of his college games, an opposing player took a cheap shot at his left knee after the play, blowing his knee out. Because of this injury, Matt decided to hang up his cleats, and this is where his powerlifting journey began


After several doctors told Matt that he would never play any type of sport again because of his injuries, he was determined to prove them wrong. He pushed himself harder than ever. Not only did his body respond well to the training but also his strength levels and stability increased greatly. After fully recovering for a second time, he was invited to participate in a local New York powerlifting meet in December of 2011. To the amazement of the meet organizers, he lifted over 600 pounds breaking all of the local records. Since then, he has compiled over 40 United States and World Records, including USAPL, IPF, and USPA, won 23 gold medals, and won multiple championships in eight different powerlifting federations. At 19 years old, he became the youngest person under 300 pounds and first teenager to ever squat 800+ pounds raw without wraps or knee sleeves not only once but three times during 2013.

He is the lightest person in the USAPL and IPF to squat over 800 pounds raw. In 2017 Matt reached another elite level when he became the lightest junior in history (drug-free) to squat and deadlift over 800 pounds raw.


870lb Raw Squat at 280lbs

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