Sponsorship Programs


Sponsoring Through Personal Donations (All donations/sponsorships are tax deductible) You can make your donation online (via credit card or Pay Pal) by clicking the “Donation” button. You have an option to have a one time donation or you may make small monthly donations to me by selecting the various donation options below. Reoccurring memberships will be deducted each month on the same date you initiated the original donation and may be canceled at any time using the “Cancel” button. Sponsorships are good for one year

Why Sponsor Me?

Unlike most top lifters, I am drug-free and compete at one of the highest levels in the sport of powerlifting, but besides the records and the achievements, my goal is to inspire and help people reach their full athletic potential without the use of drugs. I have already inspired many people to follow in my footsteps and pass on the important image of being a drug free athlete. I hold myself to a high standard, which applies to all aspects of my self not just lifting. I also receive thousands of views on my website per a month along with thousands more from YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. I need your help to become one of the greatest strength athletes of all time. Your donations will go towards competition, training, and travel expenses, as I compete around the world.

**As of Feb 2017 **